Supported Casting Process

  • High pressure die casting.
  • Low pressure die casting.
  • Semi-solid casting.
  • Gravity sand casting.
  • Gravity die casting.
  • Gravity Casting for DISA
  • Gravity tilt pouring. /Tilt Casting
  • Investment casting.
  • Continuous casting.
  • Centrifugal casting.
  • Lost-foam casting.
  • Vacuum casting.
  • Liquid stamping.
  • Ladling operations
  • Core bowling
  • Wax injection

Some of the Cast Designer CPI Results

  • Material Flow
  • Flow Temperature
  • Flow Tracelines
  • Solidification
  • Shrinkage Porosity
  • Air Entrapment
  • Velocity
  • Pressure
  • Liquid Fraction
  • Solid Fraction
  • Temperature Distribution
  • Stress Distortion
  • Compensation Prediction for Distortion
  • Flow Length
  • Material Age
  • Oxides
  • Flow Vs Gate in color
  • Cooling Rate
  • Mould Temperature
  • Cyclic Analysis
  • Full-Couple Analysis (Thermal+Fluid+Mechanical)
  • Solidification Time
  • Filling Time
  • Maximum Pressure
  • Hot Tearing
  • Stress
  • Strain
  • SDF Stength
  • Pin Squeeze
  • Micro-Structure Analysis
  • And many more....

Material Database

Cast Designer has more than 400 industry standard materials in the database.

Casting Material

  • Cast iron: grey, SGI, CGI
  • White cast iron
  • Ni-Resist D2, D5
  • SiMo
  • Carbon steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Copper alloys
  • AlSi7 up to AlSi12
  • Mg-alloys
  • Zn-alloys

Mould materials:

  • Green sand
  • Dry sand
  • Chemical sand
  • Cr sand
  • Zr sand
  • Special sand
  • Silicon carbide
  • Graphite
  • Die
  • Insulation
  • Exothermic Sleeves
  • Filter
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CAST-DESIGNER for Gravity Casting can make the casting system design and fast simulation for sand casting, gravity die casting, low pressure die casting, investment casting , lost foam casting and centrifugal casting etc.

Cast-Designer is a quick casting design and analysis tool based on upfront design & analysis technology. The core of the “upfront design & analysis technology” is to allow engineers to conduct fluid flow, heat transfer and solidification analysis by the assistance of combination of expert system and CAE technology, it helps engineers to make a “Right” engineering decision in the early design stage of a project. Upfront design & analysis technology has already been becoming a very important role in main stream design process.

With Cast-Designer, users can optimize a casting design by detecting the part features with potential metal flow and solidification problems, evaluating riser and chill, gate system and pouring system design alternatives in the early design stage. Even a novice with limited experience in simulation can easily undertake the design in very short period of time. In other words, Cast-Designer can help the industry to achieve the target of 'Time to Market'.

Gravity Casting Simulation Work Flow

Gravity Casting Designer

As a core component of Cast-Designer system, Gravity Casting Designer is an efficient and flexible design tool which assists designers to develop riser and feeder, gating system and pouring system for gravity casting in a short time. With the help of Cast-Designer, engineer can quickly convert design idea becoming a 3D model for design evaluation. Cast-Designer enable user easily to manage and alter parameter for different stage whatever for initial concept design stage, intermediate embodiment design stage, or final design stage. It is possible to create the full casting system within ten minute to one hour for a typical casting part.

Find Hot Spots in Castings Quickly!

The powerful HDI analysis of Geo-Designer can help the riser, feeder, insulator sleeve and chill design, special used for gravity casting. Compared with other experience formulas and graphic programs, the Geo-Designer’s approach is more flexible, accurate and easy to use, since all experience formulas were very difficult to consider the really 3D geometry, it is usually quite complex. In HDI calculation, the system will also consider the heat affection of the around media. For example, heat affection by the feeder or riser. It is also possible to consider the different material type, such as the chill to speed up cooling, the insulators to keep the heat and cool down slowly. Based on the HDI results, the user can design riser and feeder on the thicker zone to compensate the metal shrinkage. The online checking result was very clear, both the component’s size and location could be designed well by the assistant of Geo-Designer. More ever, the updated HDI/MDI result could be obtained immediately, just click a button, anything has been updated. So it is hundreds times faster than the numerical simulation method. The final design result could be exported to Cast-Designer system or other CAD system in STEP file format.

Cast Designer Simulation Results (Samples)

Casting Simulation: Air entrapment in casting, Animation result shown here

Air Entrapment

Foundry molten metal flow simulation using cast designer software. Animation is shown here in Gif format


Casting Solidification Results using cast designer software, Predicts Shrinkage porosity in foundry/gravity casting, animated gif shows predicted results of shrinkage and porosity in the casting.



One button gating system design for gravity casting, Builtin casting system/gating system design, software for foundry gating system, automatic gating design for gravity casting

New one Button gate system design mode supports

  • Pre-defined templates with customization
  • Fully parametric
  • 5 to 10 times faster design
  • Data transfer to design wizard
  • Template import and export
  • Special template for DISA

Cast Designer: software with automatic gating system design capability, flow analysis, solidification

Gate System Design Advisor

Cast-Designer is an expert system, with KBE technology. It summarized half century knowledge, and experience of casting process, and provided complete guide line, to help designer. The gating system advisor, is one of the most useful wizards in Cast-Designer. With such advisor, the designer can get, the filling time, inner gate section area, based on the casting weight, or volume, and feature thickness of casting part. Then the user can adjust the numbers, and section area of gate runner, runner and sprue runner.

Gating System Design - STEP BY STEP

software with builtin gating system design, feeder design capability

Riser and Feeder Design

Embedded Riser and Feeder Module guides the user swiftly towards the optimized design of a feeding system.

By this knowledge base build in Riser Calculator, it helps design to

  • Select the correct riser size and shape
  • Define the amount of risers
  • Optimize riser necksize.

The criteria of a successful gating system is it should prevent turbulence and cold-shut during filling process, and it could solve the air problems, mould erosion, oxides and surface defects in all gravity casting process.

Software with runner design capability for casting for foundry

Inner Gate and Runner Design

  • Build in wizard to define flow path and section parameters quickly
  • Generate feature sections in pre-defined curve or wire directly
  • Section shape could be rectangle or circle
  • Various styles in solid model generation
  • Take account of the efficiency of metal flow in runner design
  • Real time WYS/WYG visualization for both 2D and 3D

Pouring system Design

  • Support various types pouring system
  • Full parameterized and standard design
  • Easily to customize
  • Real time WYS/WYG visualization for both 2D and 3D

CPI Analysis for Gravity / Sand Casting


Cast-Designer CPI (Casting Process Insight) is a powerful tool  to provide the detail metal flow, solidification and heat transfer information during casting process based on the last FEM technology. CPI is special designed for the conceptual stage for casting part and mould design, it is much more modest in its capabilities than tradition numerical simulation.

With Cast-Designer CPI, the user can detect part features with potential filling and solidification problems, evaluate casting system design alternatives. The user does not have to be an expert in simulation to use CPI and the time required for evaluating a die casting design is remarkably quick. In other word, CPI can be used by any die caster, tool maker, or part designer with access to a computer.


CPI is the sole really practical tool on the marketing today to support designer and engineer to make fast decision for casting part and mould design.

  • Analysis the part thickness to guide the mould and cooling channel design and placement.
  • Innovation technology with high accuracy and no limitation compared with tradition method
  • Provide fast virtual result
  • Start from CAD part Integrated CAD, design and analysis in a same  environment, setup an analysis model in a few minuets and a few clicks
  • No requirement for any CAE knowledge, very short learning curve


It is well known the traditional numerical simulation is not applicable or very expensive for the concept stage. The data to run a numerical simulation is usually not available yet, for example runner geometry. Due to the complexity of the equation system to be solved, numerical simulation is too time consuming, usually hours or even days. Setup the simulation model is also a heavy job. Numerical simulation provides a relatively high level accuracy, which is more than needed at conceptual design stage.

Solver Technology

  • Base on Finite Element Method (FEM) technology
  • Fluid flow calculations are described by the full Navier-Stokes equation and couple to thermal analysis
  • Simulate the physical phenomena and mechanical behavior of metal filling, solidification and cooling process, such as temperature, velocity, pressure, liquid/solid factors etc.
  • Innovation technology to speed up simulation
  • Submit job to solver in directly and batch queue mode
  • Both 32 bits and 64 bits solvers, Windows and Linux
  • Support parallel computing technology for big or huge model

Excellent Mesh Technology

  • Very fast and robust meshing, fully automatically
  • Flexible to control the element size in different direction (X/Y/Z)
  • Support multi solid geometries, no Boolean operation required before meshing
  • CAD or mesh or mixed CAD & mesh as original data
  • Special treatment for CAD defects, such as geometry gap, overlay, intersection or unclose
  • Advance technology for tin dimension or complex region
  • Advance mesh smoothing technology to match the geometry feature



Cast Designer flow simulation software use FEM technology to create MESH Elements, This image demonstrates advantages of FEM over FDM Traditional FDM Mesh is much more elements than latest FEM Mesh

22,740 elements

378,535 elements

Model Setup

  • Single page to setup casting process, boundary condition and control parameters for flow, heat transfer and solidification simulation
  • With rich material data in database, casting and mould material could be selected from database directly
  • Pre-defined template for casting process, as well as user can define the process in free, such as filling rate, pressure, mould size and HTC etc.
  • All conditions and parameters could be save as template file for future usage

Result & Reporting

  • Introduce special customized ParaVIEW as post-processors. ParaVIEW is a famous software and used widely in HPC, it is very powerful and flexible
  • Rich analysis results in various formats, such as contours, vectors, sections and curves, it is also support animation and VRML
  • Support plug-in filter for post-process, similar the concept of Photoshop

Casting Simulation & Methoding Services

For Gravity, Sand, HPDC, LPDC, Investment Castings

Check your casting and predict shrinkage, porosity, flow, air entrapment defects – without incurring tooling costs or waiting for trials. Assess your method for potential defects. Optimize it for quality and yield improvement ...learn more

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