Interactive SLIDESHOW DEMO on Cast-Designer's capabilities on gating system design and casting simulation for high pressure die castings (HPDC)

Supported Casting Process

  • High pressure die casting.
  • Low pressure die casting.
  • Semi-solid casting.
  • Gravity sand casting.
  • Gravity die casting.
  • Gravity Casting for DISA
  • Gravity tilt pouring. /Tilt Casting
  • Investment casting.
  • Continuous casting.
  • Centrifugal casting.
  • Lost-foam casting.
  • Vacuum casting.
  • Liquid stamping.
  • Ladling operations
  • Core bowling
  • Wax injection

Some of the Cast Designer CPI Results

  • Material Flow
  • Flow Temperature
  • Flow Tracelines
  • Solidification
  • Shrinkage Porosity
  • Air Entrapment
  • Velocity
  • Pressure
  • Liquid Fraction
  • Solid Fraction
  • Temperature Distribution
  • Stress Distortion
  • Compensation Prediction for Distortion
  • Flow Length
  • Material Age
  • Oxides
  • Flow Vs Gate in color
  • Cooling Rate
  • Mould Temperature
  • Cyclic Analysis
  • Full-Couple Analysis (Thermal+Fluid+Mechanical)
  • Solidification Time
  • Filling Time
  • Maximum Pressure
  • Hot Tearing
  • Stress
  • Strain
  • SDF Stength
  • Pin Squeeze
  • Micro-Structure Analysis
  • And many more....

Material Database

Cast Designer has more than 400 industry standard materials in the database.

Casting Material

  • Cast iron: grey, SGI, CGI
  • White cast iron
  • Ni-Resist D2, D5
  • SiMo
  • Carbon steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Copper alloys
  • AlSi7 up to AlSi12
  • Mg-alloys
  • Zn-alloys

Mould materials:

  • Green sand
  • Dry sand
  • Chemical sand
  • Cr sand
  • Zr sand
  • Special sand
  • Silicon carbide
  • Graphite
  • Die
  • Insulation
  • Exothermic Sleeves
  • Filter
NESTech is an authorized Partner of C3P Products in India

Casting Designer software from C3P Engineering Software International can handle both High Pressure as well as Low pressure casting simulation is available as standalone software as well as integrated with all popular MCAD system.


Cast-Designer CPI is CAE technology built from day one specifically for integration within the MCAD design process. This innovative software puts fluid flow analysis, heat transfer and solidification analysis into the hands of the same people who are responsible for developing the casting, mould and making engineering decisions.

Castdesigner: foundry simulation software, services, metal flow analysis, shrikage inside Pro/ENGINEER or CREO software

Cast-Designer for MCAD was fully integrated into the PRO-E system. After the casting design, one button can shift to Cast-Designer working environment for gating system design as well as the 3D casting data could be transfered automatically.

NESTech can provide services in Gating system design for Gravity casting

Same as the standalone version. Cast-Designer for MCAD has full functions for casting system design (gating system, overflow, cooling and venting system), as well as better data integration.

NESTech can optimised gating system, with with increased yield ratio in HPDC, Gravity, investment casting, Tilt Casting.

Finally, the designed casting system would be brought back to PRO-E system automatically for assembly or link to CAM for manufacturing. The advanced features of MCAD system still could be used free, such as Boolean operations, filleting and surface cleaning etc.



CAST-DESIGNER CPI gives you high-end capabilities without the headaches. It is full spectrum fluid flow, heat transfer and solidification simulation built specifically for die casting product and mould design engineers using existed CAD system, such as UG NX, Pro/E and SolidWorks.

With CAST-DESIGNER CPI, your CAD geometry drives the simulation process. When you make a design change in MCAD system, you see the change instantly in CAST-DESIGNER CPI in a few seconds. Its hassle free.


Cast-Designer CPI for MCAD brings the project and data management to die casting industrial. It is absolutely important for designer and engineer.

Since so many design plans and simulations will be carried out in the practical engineering work, we can not always use the filename to manage data and project. How to generate the design and simulation report is also very important.

Four level data structure was introduced in Cast-Designer CPI:

Project level

  • Design version to manage design geometry
  • Simulation version to manage mesh of design
  • Run version to manage simulation condition and parameters.

Cast-Designer is a software package special designed for casting business, includes the casting part design and evaluation,  mould design and validation and production optimization.

Cast-Designer combined the KBE system, design system and last CAE technology together; it is a tailor-designer casting planning & simulation system for all casting process.

Cast-Designer could be used for high pressure die casting, low pressure die casting, gravity casting for sand, gravity casting for permanent mould, investment casting and many others.

Salient Features of Cast Designer

Software with buitlin Gating sytem design, casting flow, casting solification

Full Mould & Cyclic Analysis

Cast-Designer mould solution provides the detail analysis and modeling capabilities for the full mould set.

The full mould analysis could be used for:

  • A more accurate temperature analysis. It is usually necessary for the permanent mould gravity casting since the filling time was longer and the mould thickness plays an important role in the heat transfer process.
  • The mould cycling analysis for a stable temperature distribution during the production cycles.Reduce the cycle time to improve production rate Optimize spraying condition
  • The mould thermal analysis to check & improve mould life time. Optimize die cooling or tempering condition
  • The stress analysis to consider the full mould.
  • The detail cooling system analysis.
Cast-Designer Stress & Distortion analysis of casting simulation

Stress & Distortion

With the Cast-Designer mechanical stress module, the user can make the stress and distortion analysis. The following result could be obtained after the simulation:

  • Casting and mould stress distribution
  • Part deformation and distortion
  • Compensation for part deformation and distortion
  • Displacements
  • Gap formation between the casting and mould
  • Predict elastic springback
  • Hot tearing
  • Die life fatigue
Cast-Designer Stress & Distortion analysis of casting simulation

Cooling System Design

Cooling channel Calculator & Advisor Wizard

Cast-Designer introduced a cooling channel calculator, it can help the user calculate the total length of the cooling channel with a given production rate. The utility considers many factors such as the part mass and casting alloy, mould size, production rate, cooling channel diameter, media flow speed and heat affection rate. The final result will be a cooling channel diameter and total length.

Now Cast Designer includes One-Button Cooling System Design from Version 6.2

Fast Cooling Anlysis

Cast-Designer introduces fast cooling system analysis method to help designer check the cooling system design at the very early stage, it is fully integrated to the cooling system design interface and the user can get result within 3 to 5 minutes.

Cast-Designer Fast Cooling Channel analysis for casting simulation

Production Optimization

The production optimization package could be used for die casting and permanent mould companies to optimize their casting cycle to achieve the best balance of quality and cycling time. A short cycling time is not only save operation cost but also save the investment for equipment and workshop.

Cast-Designer Production Optimization for HPDC and GDC casting simulation

Full Chain Simulation

The simulation result of Cast-Designer also could be exported to other CAE system for a full chain simulation. For example, the porosity and residual stress result of casting process could be exported to other structure analysis software for part performance analysis or life time simulation.

Cast-Designer can export the following results:

  • Temperature distribution in any time
  • Porosity result after the solidification
  • Stress and strain result after the solidification and cooling
  • Filling factor during the filling process

Both MSC Nastran and NEI Nastran file format could be exported from Cast-Designer directly, the porosity result has assigned to different material type and properties during the data export. For other system, the user can make a very simple user route to read it from the ASCII CDF format, which has been documented on the Cast-Designer manual.

Cast-Designer Production Optimization for HPDC and GDC casting simulation

Some of the Cast Designer Results

Cast-Designer Production Optimization for HPDC and GDC casting simulation

Casting Simulation & Methoding Services

For Gravity, Sand, HPDC, LPDC, Investment Castings

Check your casting and predict shrinkage, porosity, flow, air entrapment defects without incurring tooling costs or waiting for trials. Assess your method for potential defects. Optimize it for quality and yield improvement ...learn more

Quality Improvement & Yield Optimization.